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Kid's Ministry

Pastor Jenny Little

Nursery Ages Birth - 2

Meeting Times:
Sunday School 9:30am Birth - 2 years
Morning Worship 10:40am Birth - 3


Children Ages: PreK - 6th grade

Meeting Times:  
Sunday morning Sunday School - 9:30am  
Morning Worship - 10:40am


Wednesday evening activities - 6:00pm

Youth Ministry

Pastor Amanda Hancher

NYI President: Timmy Padgett

Calling our generation to a dynamic life in Christ


"My vision for youth ministry is to create a safe, positive, and nurturing place for students to belong. This environment is built through dedicated people who come alongside students during the formative years of their lives to foster loving and intentional relationships, and to set an example of faith and what it looks like to be a genuine follower of Jesus."


Pastor Ryan McDermott


My vision for College students is for them to find a place to belong to Jesus, to community, and to purpose here at CNC. We provide opportunities to be discipled, to disciple, and ultimately to send them back out after college into a world equipped with a strong faith in Jesus. 



Wednesday Evenings

Small Group

Begins at 6pm


Sunday Mornings
Worship 10:40a

Game Night: 

First and Third Thursdays 


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Men's Ministry

Director  - Ben McPherson


Ministry Activities

Men's Breakfast - First Saturday of the Month

Ministry Opportunities

Helping those who need help, they have only to ask ... Moving, mowing, maintenance, misc.

Ladies' Ministry

Director - Casey Morrison 



We believe all women are important in God's eyes and are vital in His kingdom. We believe in unity within diversity and cooperation and caring through the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit.



The purpose of Women's Ministries is to glorify God by challenging women to know God personally,

Grow in Christlikeness, Discover and use spiritual gifts,

Love and serve others, and In all we do to reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Mission Statement

The mission of Women's Ministries is GROWTH.

Gathering women, Resourcing opportunities

Offering acceptance, Winning others to Christ

Teaching biblical truths, Honoring the Spirit-filled life

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